• Dr. Raymundo P. Arcega : The Newly Elected ALCUCOA President

  • New Set of ALCUCOA OFFICERS Takes Oath at CHED Office

  • New Set of ALCUCOA OFFICERS Takes Oath at CHED Office

  • ALCUCOA Accreditors' Certification Training at University of Makati

  • ALCUCOA Accreditors' Certification Training at University of Makati

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UMak EVP: The Newly Elected ALCUCOA President

During the Association of Local Colleges and Universities Commission of Higher Education (ALCUCOA) Regular Board Meeting last May 7, 2014 at UMak Executive Lounge, Dr. Raymundo P. Arcega, UMak’s Executive Vice President, has been elected as ALCUCOA President.

ALCUCOA was registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission on December 9, 2003. Since then, it is the mandate of ALCUCOA to promote improvement in the Philippine Higher Education in local colleges and universities through quality assurance. The former president, Prof. Adelina Patriarca is confident that her successor will continue her legacy of assuring quality in the areas of education, employability and entrepreneurship; and even create venues for a better ALCUCOA.

Dr. Arcega, being the former Vice President for Administration and Finance of UMak for 9 years, was known to be an advocate of organizational change and continuous improvement. He would be employing the same principles by starting off with strict documentation in all business aspects of the organization. According to the new President, facility is a great factor in keeping an image of quality. It is an evidence that the ten (10) areas being accredited, which are Governance and Administration, Faculty, Curriculum and Instruction, Student Development and Services, Entrepreneurship and Employability, Community Extension Service, Research, Library, Laboratories, and Physical Plant are all in order.

Dr. Arcega plans on moving the ALCUCOA office to the ground floor of the Administration building where it is more accessible with space that is bigger and more convenient. Since different local universities and colleges are visiting UMak to benchmark on accreditation, the facility would be a good venue for them to hold consultation meetings. The facility itself will also help them understand how UMak organized its reporting documents, and passed the accreditation instrument. (Write up by and photo edit by Mitch Dizon; Photos by Rhumel Abbang and QMDC)

Regular Board Meeting on May 7, 2014