• Dr. Raymundo P. Arcega : The Newly Elected ALCUCOA President

  • New Set of ALCUCOA OFFICERS Takes Oath at CHED Office

  • New Set of ALCUCOA OFFICERS Takes Oath at CHED Office

  • ALCUCOA Accreditors' Certification Training at University of Makati

  • ALCUCOA Accreditors' Certification Training at University of Makati

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ALCUCOA Holds Its 1st Capability Training in Tagaytay

November 27, 2014 is one of the important events in the history of ALCUCOA. It is the day for the launch its first of the series of capability trainings for academic and administrative heads, administrative staff, faculty and employees of the different local colleges and universities in the country. The theme of the first Capability Training of ALCUCOA is “ Leading Local Colleges and Universities to New Frontier: Transformational Leadership.

The training was held last November 27 and 28, 2014 at Emiramona Garden Hotel, Tagaytay City. The said training was participated in by 35 academic and administrative heads coming from different Local Colleges and Universities in the Philippines. This training was also participated in by 30 department heads and staff under the Office of the Executive Vice President of the University of Makati. This activity was spearheaded by the management team of the ALCU-COA composed of Ms. Ellen Ruth Punzalan, Executive Director; Ms. Aurora Serrano, Deputy Treasurer; Ms. Jing Pide, Administrative Officer; Prof. Arnel M. Leonardo, Technical Assistant; and Ms. Karen Hazel de Mata, Administrative Staff.

The two-day seminar started with setting of expectations facilitated by Prof. Arnel Leonardo, who is the Technical Assistant of ALCUCOA. As part of the “Leveling of Expectations”, he grouped the participants into seven. Each group would complete the following statement; (1) Today, I feel… (2) I expect to learn the following … (3) I expect my co-participants to … (4) I expect the facilitators to … Each group made a presentation with a yell to

The two-day capability training program was conducted by no less than the president of the ALCU-COA and the Executive Vice President of University of Makati, Dr. Raymundo P. Arcega. The training program was divided into 5 sessions which are as follows: Session 1 is about Creating and Delivering a Vision, Session 2 deals with Leading Organizational Change, Session 3 talks about Nurturing Excellence and Sustaining Transformation, Session 4 tackles Learning to Become a Transformational Leader while Session 5 is about Managing Organizational Conflict.

In one of the sessions of Dr. Arcega, he said “the environment today is changing; there are old rules which no longer apply today so therefore there is a need to adapt, learn and be creative”. He also cited, “there is a need to revolutionize the Philippine educational system, there must be change and change must not be merely reformative but truly transformative.” Learn how to manage people and other resources. What makes customer buy is the people so take care of the people. It is difficult to change people but the most that you can do is to influence him, for him to change himself.

In the final session of training, Dr. Arcega gave words of wisdom about leadership to the academic and administrative leaders who attended the training and he said,

“Do the best you can today. There is no perfect strategy. Sometimes you have the best strategy but you don’t have the right people. Revisit strategy, identify weak parts, restrategize. You have to continuously improve what already exists based on the belief that one can do things better today than yesterday, and better tomorrow than today. Always remember, good, better, best. Never let it rest until the good is better and the better is best. Leading an organization will not only be passing he test. Many times you will fail. Pass or fail, to GOD BE THE GLORY.”

The 1st Capability Training of ALCUCOA became a success and the participants from different local colleges and universities in the country are looking forward to attend the 2nd Capability Training. – A.M.Leonardo