• Dr. Raymundo P. Arcega : The Newly Elected ALCUCOA President

  • New Set of ALCUCOA OFFICERS Takes Oath at CHED Office

  • New Set of ALCUCOA OFFICERS Takes Oath at CHED Office

  • ALCUCOA Accreditors' Certification Training at University of Makati

  • ALCUCOA Accreditors' Certification Training at University of Makati

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2nd ALCU-COA Capability Training Program held in Baguio City

Last January 28, 2015 the ALCU-COA conducted its 2nd Capability Training Program with the theme: “Operationalizing the Outcomes Based Education Curriculum in the Classroom”.

The training was held last January 28 and 30, 2015 at AIM Conference Center ( Igorot Lodge) Camp John Hay, Baguio City. The said training was participated in by 53 academic heads and faculty coming from different Local Colleges and Universities in the Philippines.

The three-day seminar started with setting of expectations facilitated by Prof. Arnel Leonardo, who is the Technical Assistant of ALCUCOA. As part of the “Leveling of Expectations”, Prof. Leonardo grouped the participants into seven (7) with each to complete the following statement; (1) Today, I feel… (2) I expect to learn the following … (3) I expect my co-participants to … (4) I expect the facilitators to … Each group made a presentation with a yell to enliven it more.

After the setting of expectations, it was followed by a talk about direction of the current Philippine Higher Educational system by the president of the ALCU-COA and the Executive Vice President of University of Makati Dr. Raymundo P. Arcega. The day two of the training was a day filled with lectures and workshop activities on classroom teaching strategies for outcomes based education. The seminar-workshop was conducted by Prof. Romualdo M. Protacio, the Executive Director of the Center for General Education, Curriculum and Material of University of Makati. He is a stage and television actor, director, writer and workshop facilitator. He divided his training- workshop into four parts. The first part is entitled IMAGINE-NATION, this focuses on the background of the 21st century teaching and learning process. It is about imagining the nation through OBE. The second session is entitled Students on Center Stage, in this session he stresses on the need to know the kind of students that we have today and upon knowing that, teachers should have to rethink, strategize and re imagine his teaching styles in other forms/ways for him to be an effective facilitator of learning. There should be a paradigm shift from the previous teaching strategy. In the third session, Prof. Protacio discussed the OBE Instructional Plan and he stated, “ in designing an instructional plan, we must see to it that all components of the instructional plan must be fully aligned to direct the entire learning experience and assessment task towards the desired learning outcomes”. He discusses all the parts of an OBE instructional plan. Finally in his last session he poses a challenge to the teachers to start reinventing themselves and make a big change in the teaching strategy so that the OBE philosophy will be operationalized in the classroom.

On the third day of training, the resource person was Dr. Evelina M. Vicencio; the Dean of the College of Education, University of the East. She is a graduate of Doctor of Philosophy major in Educational Psychology from the University of the Philippines and was one of the Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Teacher of the Philippines in 1988.

Dr. Vicencio focused her lectures on the background of OBE implementation in the Philippines and the framework of OBE. She also tackled the different OBE concepts and conducted a workshop on aligning the syllabus to OBE.

The three-day capability training in Baguio became an engaging and informative training for all the participants who attended it. Once again a very successful training concluded and participants are all looking forward to the next ALCU-COA Capability Training.